Monday lunch time saw us tieing the tender to the quay in front of the Yeppoon yacht club.
We both had a bag of laundry to do and were trying to do a ninja wash.
I was looking forward to having a shower but had no desire to spend a night in the marina just for the privilege.

IMG_1089The laundry was behind the club house and cost dollars not tokens so that was easy to just pay and run.
The shower room wasn’t locked so I just ducked in and showered in record time.
By this time the wash cycle was done and we just needed to dry it all without getting seen.
That wasn’t too hard either and so we sat out on the lawn in front of the club and enjoyed the view.



IMG_1069Yeppoon itself is north of the marina and a very long walk so we didn’t stray that way instead we packed our clean laundry and headed back to the boat.
On our way east to North Keppel Island we stopped 300m offshore of a creek barely knee deep and took the tender in and followed it round behind the main street.
The creek was quite amazing as it was very shallow, less than 10m wide and yet there was a veritable boating graveyard for it’s entire length.

How these quite large boats got there is anybodies guess and it was eerie in a horror movie sort of way.

IMG_1105We returned to Just Jammin and then headed east to North Keppel Island at a steady 6 knots.

On the way we caught several grinners on our lures.

They are evil looking fish and were returned to the water post haste.


Text and photos by Fingers 2015