North Keppel Island

North Keppel Island is very rugged and fringed by reef.
We approached the island on the south side just before the sun went down and looked
for an anchorage out of the prevailing south easterly and the predicted northerly.
There were reefs that were just under the surface at mid tide when we arrived and
bombies all over the place.

IMG_1112Had we arrived an hour later it would have been nearly impossible to find a safe
We anchored in 3m of water and set out a pair of live whiting, mine on the bottom
and Scott’s under a float.
As the evening progressed the winds eased and the black night engulfed us.
Several hours before sunrise the anchor alarm went off to tell us the boat had
drifted and I spent an anxious hour confirming we had not dragged the anchor so
much as swung around on an extra long length of chain as the tide changed.
Because we had anchored in an area that would have been disastrous had we dragged
the anchor we set out an extra 10m of chain which in turn confused our drag alarm.
Chalk that one up to experience.

IMG_1121The morning showed us that we were safe at anchor the night before and that we
would be sailing later that day.
The wind once out of the protection of the cliffs was a steady 12 knots from the
north north east and promised a relaxing sail.


Text and photos by Fingers 2015