Mackay to Pioneer River

After a prolonged stay at the Mackay marina we decide to head up the pioneer river for some fishing and maybe get a few mud crabs.
At around 6am we left the marina, the seas were calm and the wind 13 knots from the south west so we motored south the few miles and then anchored just outside the river mouth.
It was about mid tide and so Scott decided to take the tender for a quick explore of the sand bars in the river mouth to see if we had enough depth to get the cat in.
We had been told that the sand bars moved constantly and to be careful.
we were, but the entrance was almost completely blocked with only a small channel a foot deep or so.
It was decided that it was too shallow as the tides were fairly low and even at high tide we wouldn’t have enough depth to pass comfortably.
Decision made we up anchored and headed back north.


text and photo by Fingers 2015