Linderman Island

We wove our way thru the islands with a steady 10 knot southerly breeze and no swell to speak of, in fact the water was quite like glass.
The sailing was easy until we passed between the islands.
There was a channel between the islands that channeled not only the water but the wind as well.
Sailing along at 6 knots there was a line across the water where the wind went from 10 knots to 28knots almost instantly.


There was no reef in the sail as I wasn’t expecting the sudden increase in wind speed and so just held my course while the boat lifted her tail and boogied along at about 12 knots.
I say 12 knots but that is a guess as I was so worried about damaging the boat as a result of not reefing that my mind was on everything but boat speed.
After a few minutes the wind was still steady and nothing had broken so I held on and hoped for some good luck.


It was here my lack of experience showed, I think I got lucky that no damage was done in that half hour ride.
I wasn’t to stay lucky tho.
As it was my day to solo the boat, Scott had done so many times by now, I needed to anchor up and stow the main sail before calling it a day.
I pulled into the bay in front of the also defunct Linderman resort and got up on the boats canopy.
There was a little rocking of the boat and the boom was being unhelpful so I became the first person to step on the canvas.
Scott took it fairly well, better than me if the situations were reversed I suspect.
The canvass had broken all the stitching along one edge, about 4 foot or so, but was undamaged otherwise.


As it was my fault it was damaged I had to stitch it back together.
I have rather limited sewing experience and none regarding canvas so Scott showed me the way to stitch and I got into it.
It took around 4 hours to make good and it was as close to invisible as luck would allow.
For the second time that day I got lucky.


Linderman Resort was hit by a cyclone, same as Brampton, but had been derelict one year longer.
Time had not served the resort well as it had been cleaned out of valuables so only the empty villas remained.


Text and photos by Fingers 2015