Great Keppel Island


IMG_0952Saturday morning on The Narrows river the morning was clear with a light breeze from the south.
After lifting the anchor we set the sails and zig zagged towards Division Point searching for a steady wind.
Unfortunately the wind was fluctuating in strength from almost zero to 8 knots and varying in direction from south to west.
This made navigating the sand bar strewn river mouth quite difficult and so we inched along at 3 knots until we made Keppel Bay.

IMG_1368Once in the bay the wind strengthened to almost 10 knots but it wasn’t to last.
Within half an hour the wind dropped off to nothing and we decided to motor.
Out in the bay we set out a lure each to see what might be interested.
No fish hit the lures and when we reached the marine sanctuary around Peak Island we pulled the lures in and stowed the rods.

IMG_0988Being a marine sanctuary meant no fishing and the fines are huge if you are caught.
On the other side of the sanctuary we once again set our lures and only minutes later Scott (aka Slapper) caught a bonito.
It wasn’t large and came aboard with no struggle what so ever but was a welcome addition to the bait bin.

IMG_0998No other fish were caught.
Around 2pm we arrived at Great Keppel Island and set anchor in the bay in front of the resort with around 20 other boats.
The resort bay was smooth and crystal clear with white sands meeting palm trees on the low coastal dunes.
The Great Keppel resort was unoccupied and had been seriously damaged by a cyclone not too long ago.


However the Hideaway pub towards the north end of the bay was still running and had quite a large patronage.
The Hideaways well groomed lawns run from the dunes to the verandah with large mature trees to give shade and somewhere for the noisy birds to perch.


Saturday evening while live baiting for something tasty an unfortunate squid happened by and was quickly nabbed and dispatched.
Scott appropriated it and zoomed it off to Hybreasail before I had the wit to say “who’s dinner?”.
No other squid came by that night, nor fish for that matter other than one unlucky remora Scott caught.
By Sunday morning the resort bay had even more boats anchored and was looking fairly well packed.

IMG_1013While I didn’t count them I suspect there would have been more than 30 boats by Sunday afternoon.
That afternoon Scott and I went over to the Hideaway to have a quiet bevie and upload the latest installment of the Just Jammin story.
Sunday night was calm and warm and not at all remarkable.

Monday morning we tidied up the boat and set out for Yeppoon.
Light winds of 10 knots or less from the south west but quite variable made sailing hardly worth the trouble.
It only took 2 hours to get to Yeppoon and we anchored on the north side of the marina in 2m of water.

IMG_1039On the way Scott caught a spotted mackerel of 55cm, just a little under the legal size.
We photographed it and then released it unharmed.
Once anchored off the beach we took the tender along the marinas breakwall and followed the beacons into it’s center.


Text and photos by Fingers 2015