Eimeo to Brampton Island

The winds were about 15 to 18 knots by now and the seas were increasing at around 2m.
It was an easy sail north and on the way Scott caught another School Mackerel which he released as we already had one filleted for dinner.
We arrived at Brampton Island mid afternoon and anchored in a bay between the jetty, now defunct and the resort, also now defunct.


The anchorage is very pretty and well sheltered in any wind with some south in it.
There were already several boats anchored in the bay but plenty of room for us all.
A short hop in the tender took us onto the beach in front of the resort so we could have a look around.


The resort had been abandoned several years prior after a particularly bad cyclone and was looking very unloved.
There were coconuts in piles under every palm and all the doors were open or unlocked making a very picturesque scene.
While Scott went wandering thru the resort I took the opportunity to get some photos as I was fascinated by the ghost town feeling.


It looked like the staff had just walked away without locking up or even storing away the many catamarans and water craft.
I suspect in the very near future the resort will be cleaned out by some less than honest folk.
But somehow it had not been touched and there were all sort of watercraft including jetskis that looked in surprisingly good condition given the circumstances.


Text and photos by Fingers 2015