Cruising Sydney waters – Gosford

The trip from the ocean is very twisted as the channel wends its way across a wide shallow bay.
Just-Jammin draws 1100mm and even at high tide we had less than a foot of water under the keels as we made our way inland.
We had planned to cross the shallowest part of the bay at high tide then anchor up and wait for low tide so we could squeeze under the bridge.

Scott had the helm as we approached the bridge and we were inching toward it, not a small bit concerned.
As we hit the nearside of the bridge we could hear a very clear sound of fingernail on blackboard.
It turns out that the bridge underside was 16.8m above the water and the top of the mast mounted aerial was 16.9m above the water.

The houses that line the head of the river are very pretty and I would happily live in any one of them however as we made our way up the river the houses got more and more ordinary the closer we got to Gosford.

Having said that I wasn’t very impressed by Bundaberg either and I was totally wrong about that.

The town center is a few miles inland and sprawls down to the river banks.
All of Sydney seems to be uphill and Gosford is no different.

There were several public moorings outside the marina and it was an area with little watery traffic so taking the tender across the river to the public jetty was no problem.
It was a mildly taxing walk, all uphill, to get to the shopping hub.
Walking back to the boat was much more pleasant even with arms full of provisions.

Probably the nicest spot was a park bench under the morton bay figs that overlooked the river.