Corio bay to Yeppoon and back to Corio

As Wednesday morning progressed the wind eased until 10.45am when we docked in the Yeppoon marina in less than 10 knots.
As we prepared to dock on the hammerhead of the visitors wharf a kindly lady offered to lend a hand.

IMG_1256Boaties do seem to be the nicest people and it would have been impolite to refuse the offer even though we could do with the practice.
Scott needed cigarettes so he headed to the petrol station in the south east corner of the marina.
I followed him thinking I might get something tasty as being away from grease, sugar and salt for days gets the mind thinking about junk food.

IMG_1255On the way to the servo I spotted Noddies patrol car and that gave me a good laugh.

The servo scalped Scott and I couldn’t find anything nice to eat.
On the way back to the boat the same lady that helped with the docking called out from her boat to stop and say hello.


Once again it would be rude to refuse and so I met Diane and John.
They were relaxing on the rear deck of their sailing cat Elan, a boat that she and John had built.
It was a lovely boat and took them 5 years to build.
Elan is around 40 feet long and has a spacious bridge deck and a great rear deck under a fiberglass roof.


I spent an hour or so chatting to them before Scott walked by to be introduced and then the boat comparisons began.
“Mines longer”, “but mines got more head room” just the usual sort of thing.
Elan and Just jammin couldn’t be more different but both boats were exactly what the respective owners wanted.

Diane also identified my mystery shark as a Grey Reef Shark.

DSC_0129A little after lunch we left the marina and headed north back to Corio Bay with an east south easterly of a steady 15 knots and seas of less than a meter.
By 2.30pm the wind had once again died off and we had to motor the last few miles.
As we got closer to the bay we began to notice many dead pilchards floating around the golden algae swirls.

IMG_1276The swell was slight and the tide reasonably high so Scott was able to motor across the sand banks with little trouble.
Once round the promontory we anchored and kicked back to watch some “Survivorman” episodes to pass the night away.


Text and photos by Fingers 2015

[edit: I needed to edit to give credit where credit was due, Diane and John both built their fine boat Elan]

3 Replies to “Corio bay to Yeppoon and back to Corio”

  1. Great web site just love it…..but one little thing one needs to point out ….as the song says “What about me?” I say this tongue in cheek….and please don’t think I’m having a go at you but the boat was not a total ‘blue’ job…the ‘pink’ was involved very heavily in the build. Actually wrote an article for Multihull World back in 2000 called “Silent Partners”…the unspoken and unpraised other half of boat building, maybe a bit sexist but jeepers who isn’t! I have to have a wee bit of a chuckle as I feel that to look at an average female it is impossible to imagine her with fibreglass in her hair and resin in places one doesn’t want to talk about let alone sanders and torture boards for fairing as well as all the coving/filleting of every single join on this project….and this wasn’t my first one either. But all is forgiven just keep writing these fantastic adventure stories…love reading them as you really do have a talent for the written word. Keep it up

    1. Hello Di,
      I am very sorry to not include you in the credit for building such a fine cat.
      Your knowledge about the boat and its construction should have tipped me off but sometimes I am a little slow with the uptake.
      Over the years I have done some fiberglassing and to build a boat from scratch gets my respect, I am not sure I would be willing to take on that challenge.
      I am also going to search for that article as I look forward very much to reading your take on boat building.


      1. Hi me lil’ matey, no offense was ever taken…a lot of times I personally would rather sit back in the back ground and pretend to be of the feminine variety but unfortunately the tom-boy side of me comes out and that’s what happens. As I said keep writing, we really enjoy the way you put your stories together and they are interesting and entertaining…most of all hope you still consider us friends…stay safe both of you and continue to live that dream, we are all here for a good time, not a long time.

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