Airlie Beach

Scott took the helm once more as we left Linderman Island and headed for Airlie Beach with the same wind and seas as the last few days.
He handled the conditions well and got Just Jammin moving so nicely over the water it felt like we were almost flying.
The best sailing we had done so far this trip was definitely this stretch of water, from Brampton Island to Airlie Beach.


The water between the islands was so calm and the winds so steady its hard to imagine sailing getting any better.
We arrived at Airlie Beach around 4pm that arvo and anchored among a swarm of boats, possibly one hundred, it sure felt like it.
The whole bay was full of boats.
There was a marina on the south side of the bay and a big muddy beach to the north.
Unfortunately the shops are to the north and it was the big muddy beach that we needed to traverse to get to the shopping center just a kilometer further inshore.


The mud was full of sharp oyster type rocks and held together by a lattice a sea grass.
This makes it look solid until you walk on it and sink knee deep in places.
Not a good place for thongs.
That evening Scott caught fish after fish, small sharks and catfish mainly.


He caught the smallest Hammerhead I have ever seen, barely 18 inches long but with very sharp if small teeth.
Maybe the bay is a shark nursery as that Hammerhead must only have been days, possibly hours old.
But now it is here that my story ends.
In short I fly back home and go back to a normal, ordinary life.
Scott on the other hand stays the course and over several weeks he sails Just jammin back down the coast to Bundaberg.


It is here that the next lucky sailor gets his shot and joins the boat.
Scott gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity which I will remember for ever and be ever thankful for.
From this point on Damien will take over my duties as they sail Just Jammin down the coast to Sydney.
Good luck fellas and fair winds.


text and photos by Fingers 2015