The worlds longest fishing trip

Coomera – the beginning of an adventure as told by Fingers



On the night of 20.7.15 I arrived at Brisbane airport.
Meeting Slapper at the airport we drove 40 minutes to Manly to spend the night at Slappers new apartment.

Sleeping in the newly constructed but unfurnished apartment on a pair of inflatable mattresses the first night of the trip began with a few quiet drinks and a couple of cigarettes out on the balcony.

At sparrows fart the next morning we drove south from Manly to Coomera, 1 hour away on the Gold Coast.


Waiting in a pen at The Boat Works in Coomera was Slappers new boat, Just Jammin.
At 36 feet long and 18 feet wide and only 5 years old it is a bright and shiny production catamaran almost ready for the trek up the East coast.

There was a list of modifications that needed to be done prior to setting off that included upgrading the solar panels and adding batteries to provide ample electricity for nights of drinking and days of living off the grid.

Changing all the halogen lights to more efficient LEDs was also a high priority.
Making the above modifications took the best part of a week and required that we stay in the marina for that week.

Several pens over from Just jammin was a boat called Driftwood.
Driftwood is a 30 foot ex fishing boat constructed from the best of Tasmania’s hardwoods and inhabited by an old fart and his wife.
The old fart John and his wife Dawn were living aboard Driftwood and having a fine time eating their way thru the marinas stock of Black Bream and mudcrabs.


At last count he had caught and eaten 41 muddies and goodness knows how many bream.
John and Dawn have many years experience living onboard Driftwood and were a good font of information regarding said living.

Every night a school of bream would congregate under the transom of Driftwood, attracted to the light mounted there for that purpose.

Predictably every night would see Slapper and I standing around the transom of Driftwood fishing for the bream.
Most of the bream were a little small for eating but some persistence saw a few nice size ones caught.


Come the end of the week it was decided that Saturday was going to be the day of departure.
Saying our goodbyes to John and Dawn we motored north up the Gold Coast inland waterways to Manly.
Cruising at 7 knots and towing a couple of lures the trip was uneventful bar the spotting of a Dugong doing its thing near a sand bar.

No fish were caught trolling.

Entering Morton Bay by the inland waterway to the south we motored up to the Manly marina and anchored just outside the sea wall.


Text and photos by Fingers.